What’s a CRM supposed to do?

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on 02 Feb 2017 1:32 PM
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Are CRMs just meant to manage fundraising or do you want them to do more?

I’ve been looking at CRM reviews recently and the reviewers always assume that the primary aim of a CRM is for fundraising. If we look at Raiser's Edge and ThankQ, we can see that they started off with that purpose in mind. So the CRM managed contacts and donations.

But not all organisations raise funds in this way. Many just want to be able to manage a membership for example. Or want something to help them manage case work.

And these days the user experience is everything and we want our users to interact with their own data through our websites.

And that’s why we are such fans of CiviCRM. Out of the box it does your basic CRM functions. But is does fundraising. It does membership management. It does case work. It does communications. It does event management. It does campaign management. And it integrates with Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla! websites.

What’s more it’s free, though of course CiviCRM membership and donations are always welcome.

Look out for our CiviCRM demo days in our calendar.

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