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CiviCRM developer: how to make your choice

Top tips for choosing a CiviCRM developer

  • Maturity and experience

    You are much more likely to succeed with a CiviCRM developer that has a track record. Staff at Xpdient have been working with people just like you for 25 years
  • Share the same journey

    You want developers to share a high level of understanding about your project in non-technical terms and share your goals.

  • Understands the user journey

    Development is not just about the code. It's about the user experience. A good CiviCRM developer will understand user personas, user journeys and will be able to advise you on how to make you project work for your staff and your clients.

  • Goes the extra mile

    A good CiviCRM developer will provide a test environment for your project and it should be clearly documented. Xpdient does all this, and we provide training needs alnalysis and on-site training if the project requires it.

Top tips for your CiviCRM developer project

  • Lead from the top

    CRM projects are much more likely to succeed if they are supported by organisational leaders.

  • Involve the service users

    Projects fail when they do not engage with the people using the CRM. CRM users should be involved in the planning, development and testing phase of your CRM..

  • Outline the CRM project in high level objectives

    Context is everything. "We want to get more members by making the joining process easier" is much better tha "Can you add this field here, that field there and that button there". Your CiviCRM developer will probably have done this sort of work many times before and can give you really good advice on what works.

  • Cost it properly

    Free software like CiviCRM is not really free because you have to factor in lots of othet costs.