Replacing Salesforce
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Project Description

Salesforce is a great CRM aimed fairly and squarely at the business sector - and at a price. It is software as a service - you buy "seats" for the basic application and then pay a bit more for the various add-ons that are available.

That's OK until the day that you realise you are only using about 10% of what it does, and that your subscription costsa re going up and up. Many small businesses now find themselves in this situation.

Leighton Brown came to us with this problem, and we solved it for them by creating a custom CRM that they own, has no subscription fees, that has unlimited seats, fits their needs like a glove and is easily adaptable for a growing company.

Leighton Brown make and sell a range of crisps (they taste great by the way - grab some!) and with a growing sales team found Salesforce becoming too expensive.

Improving the workflow

Customers and prospects were held in the system as well as sales leads, order and completed sales. Xpdient looked at this workflow and replicated it using Drupal and the Drupal Commerce module. This enabled Leighton Brown to do exactly as they had always done, but with the added benefit of front end e-commerce possibilities.

Improving marketing

We diverted customer data to CiviCRM and then used CiviMail and Scheduled Reminders to create a fully-fledged marketing system that fitted their needs perfectly.

Data wrangling

Getting Salesforce data into Drupal Commerce and CiviCRM tested our dta wrangling skills but we got there in the end, successfully bringing in customers, orders and corresponding line items.

The future

We are continuing to work with Leighton Brown as their business grows and are working on a reporting system for their sales department.


Project Details
  • ClientLeighton Brown
  • Date12 Oct 2016
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