Charity website - free 2 year hosting and domain name

Your charity website or CIC website can get 1 years free hosting and domain name

We are a company that supports your charity website.

We support the common good. Some of our profits go to good local causes. Many of these are charities that are just starting out on their journeys or CIC aiming to serve the common good.

We are offering free hosting and a free domain name for 1 year for your charity or CIC website.

You have to agree to our terms and conditions - we won't provide this service if your charitable or organisational aims are to support religious or political causes.

Many charity websites use our Site Builder software

You can use our Site Builder software to create your own charity website using a simple drag-and-drop interface. It's a way to get up and running very quickly.

Your charity website also gets email accounts

Xpdient also provides email accounts with our 1 year offer.

What happens after 1 year?

We hope you decide to take one of our paid-for plans for your charity website. If not, we will provide you with a full backup of your assets and you can host them elsewhere.

  • You can choose to stay with us by subscribing to one of our hosting packages.

  • If you want to leave, we will help you export all your assets so you can go elsewhere.

Free charity hosting

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