Why CiviCRM is the best charity CRM

We are CiviCRM experts

We make CiviCRM the beating heart of your organisation.

Why CiviCRM is best for your charity

  • It's free

    CiviCRM is open-source. It's free to download and use.

  • You own it

    The changes you make are all your own. It does not belong to a commercial company.

  • It's fully featured

    It has more features than many CRMs costing thousands.


  • Low cost of ownership

    You can develop and configure it yourself. Or if you use Xpdient, then you have an initial cost, but no on-going costs, no matter how many contacts.


  • Vibrant community

    There is a vibrant development and support community, helping people just like you.

  • It's built by non-profits

    It's built by and for organisations like yours.

CiviCRM is a free CRM developed by non-profits.

CiviCRM works with WordPress, Drupal and Joomla websites.

It has more features than any other CRM, free or paid-for.