CiviCRM is a management system for not-for-profit organisations

CiviCRM is a modern management system built by and for not-for-profits.

It can manage all the interactions between your organisation and it's  constituents. Read on to see the main features.

Xpdient specalises in hosting, installing and customising CiviCRM. 

You can book a CiviCRM demo here, or just use our contact form for more information.

Why CiviCRM is different

  • It's free. And you own the CRM you create. It's unique to you.

  • It's not a hacked clone of a sales CRM. It's build for not-for-profits from the bottom up.

  • You can use it on it's own as a backend management system

  • You can integrate it into your existing website (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla)

  • It's extensible and there are many CiviCRM extensions that you can plug in for extra functionality.

  • It's used by thousands of organisations like yours and has a healthy developer community.

  • It's totally customisable to just what you need. 

CiviCRM Contact Manager

  • All your contacts, in one place, on one screen

  • Simple tabbed navigation to get to the detail you want

  • Practically unlimited custom fields

CiviCRM Event manager

  • Manage free and paid-for events

  • Send event reminders by text or email

  • Full reporting and searching events and participants

CiviCRM membership manager

  • Supports online recurring payments

  • Controls online member benefits

  • Renewal reminders, reporting and more

CiviCRM Case Manager

  • Handle complex case workflows easily

  • Ensures responsibility and compliance

  • Totally customisable

CiviCRM Financials

  • Control and monitor all incoming payments

  • Covers donations, events and memberships

  • Import and export to your accounting software

CiviCRM Email marketer

  • Manage bulk mailing lists

  • Statistics for opens, clickthroughs

  • Manages bounces mailings and much more

CiviCRM Advocacy

  • Easy to set up for online recurring payments

  • Control access to online member benefits

  • Renewal reminders, reporting and much much more

CiviCRM Fundraising

  • Personal fundraising pages for your supporters

  • Supports UK Gift Aid

  • Manages fundraising campaigns