Xpdient writes custom event management software for festival

Music festival gets custom event management software

Event Management Software
on 05 Oct 2018 12:16 PM

Even small festivals have complex needs. We wrote this event management software for the Stoke Newington Music Festival, and it is also used by the Grand Old Stokey festival.

It's all web-based, and written so that acts, venues and events are easily created and managed.

It stores everything centrally so it can be used for following events.


Who does it suit?

  • Small scale local community festivals

  • Festivals that have one or more independent venues

  • Festivals that need to book in stalls, performers

What is does

  • Festival organisers can invite venues, acts, stall holders.

  • Venues can maintain venue details, create acts, create events

  • Venues can have links to their own ticketing systems

  • All contact details for acts, venues, agents are stored centrally in CiviCRM

  • Support mass mailings, newsletters

  • All customisable